($150 By Yourself – $100 Each If You Would Prefer To Work With A Workout Buddy)

This program is designed for the clientelle who have a gym membership and possibly a workout buddy to join them. If you have a hectic schedule and can only train at odd hours and are self motivated to primarily work on your own, this program is for you. Michelle will initially meet with you to obtain goals and assess fitness ability as well as starting composition in order to design a personalized program catered to your goals. There is an option to work alone or with a buddy if you are interested in the extra motivation and healthy competition to drive you to your goals. You would meet with Michelle at the end of the 6 weeks for the follow up measurements. You have online access to communicate with Michelle throughout the leg of your 6 weeks for motivation and accountability as well as to work through any kinks as they arise.

BOSS Studio Fitness’s 6 Week Online Transformation can make you into the newest version of you, contact her using the form below and start your transformation today.