Steve, 48

So just a little bit about myself my name is Steve, I am 48 years old, father of three (ages 9, 5, and 3) and I work about 60 hours a week with lots of travel.  Nights away, and lots of client entertaining. When I was younger I was active in many sports Football, Hockey, competitive swimming & skiing, just to name a few.  I also started weight lifting when I was 14. I remember asking my parents for a weight set for Christmas and was lucky that they got me a York weight set. Not sure if you remember the old weight sets filled with cement but mine were well worn by the time my mom got rid of them.  More recently I have discovered a new hobby, Home brewing. I have converted my garage into a Nano brewery and usually have 3 or 4 of my creations on tap at any given time. As you can imagine my love of beer and long work hours with nights in a hotel are a recipe for disaster when it comes to health.  Over the course of 13 years doing my current job I managed to gain 70lbs and found myself taking three pills to control my blood pressure, two to control my cholesterol and requiring the use a sleep apnea machine. Something had to change as I struggled to keep up with my kids, so in 2017 I set a goal of losing the 70 lbs. I had gained.

As the New Year began I really didn’t have much of a plan and kept living the way I have for the last several years and it was no surprise I wasn’t losing any weight.  As luck would have it a few of my coworkers were trying a new fad diet called Keto. It consisted of eating a high fat diet, moderate protein and very little carbs. I watched one coworker lose 70lbs and another lose 50lbs. I figured this maybe a way for me to lose the weight so I started on a keto diet.  Armed with just the info available online and a keto cook book. The first week was a struggle but I managed to lose 13lbs, by the end of three months I was down 50lbs but it wasn’t all clear sailing. My strength at the gym had hit an all-time low, I barely had energy to complete a workout. I also started to feel the effects of eating the high fat diet.  Despite everything on line saying Keto was safe, my body was telling me something different.

It was then that my wife Lorraine suggested I reach out to her trainer Michelle.  She had been working with Michelle since February and had lost 40 lbs. After exchanging a few emails with Michelle, she assured me that she could help transition from my current Keto diet to something that would help me not only feel better but help with my workouts.  She even said eventually I would be able to enjoy a few beers now and again. I was sold. I signed up for her 6 week meal plan and training program. She took the time to learn about my personal situation and designed a meal plan that I could take on the road with me as I travelled and a work out plan that fit into my schedule.  As a result in the first 6 weeks with Michelle I lost another 13 lbs. bringing my total weight lost to 68lbs. I now have the energy to complete a workout with my strength returning. I no longer need the use of my sleep apnea machine and I am off two of the three blood pressure pills. My doctor has been monitoring my cholesterol levels and says in June when he retests I maybe one of the lucky few that actually get to stop taking cholesterol medication.  Most are on it for life but he says my life style changes have been significant enough that I may not need then anymore. I also had to buy a new wardrobe as I now wear a pant size 8 inches smaller. With a new lease on life my wife and I went out and purchased new ski equipment for the family and we are now planning a few ski trips this winter. Skiing would have been impossible for me a year ago having weighed 300 lbs.

Now on my second round with Michelle, she helped create a meal plan/work out plan that would allow me to still continue to lean out and enjoy in moderation all the Christmas season had to offer.  I am looking forward to continuing working with Michelle in the New Year. Spending more active time with my kids and saying goodbye to the last of my medication in June. A huge thank you to Michelle for working with me to reach my goals.


I started the 6 week slim down program with Michelle as a way to help with the plateau I had reachedwith my weight loss.  Michelle’s plan was

easy to follow forthe daily workouts as well as the breakdown for meals and snacks throughout the day.  The workouts fit in my schedule as most were completed in under an hour which is extremely important to me as I don’t have a lot of time in the day to spend in the gym and it allowed me to still fit in a run without feeling exhausted after a hard workout.

In total I lost 10lbs and just over 10 inches and was able to start wearing clothes that I hadn’t worn in almost two years and they fit better than when I bought them.

This was a great experience that I know I would do again if needed!